Minutes 2004-05

Draft Minutes of Meeting 10 May 2004

Meeting on Wednesday 10th May 2004 at 7pm Staff room South Street Building

Present: Mr A Ayton, Mrs M Brown, Dr C Dunn, Dr I Falconer, Mr J Flegg, Mr D Macgregor, Mrs H Marriage, Prof P McKiernan, Mr C Palmer, Miss S Purves, Mrs E Rogerson, Mrs S Thomson, Mrs M Wilson

In Attendance: Mr L S G Matheson (Rector), Cllr J A Liston and Cllr W Sangster

1. Apologies: Cllr T Brett, Mr A Liggat, Mr C Jessop

2. Previous Minutes (Meeting 31/03/04) were approved, by E Rogerson and I Falconer

3. Matters arising: Lockers Help from local Trust Funds for Lockers. Cllr Sangster advised that that there wasn’t much hope there. He said that the school could possibly apply to the ‘Common Good Fund’ who may give a contribution. Most felt that the money should come from the Education Budget.

Mr Matheson advise the Board that the Tuck Shop in Kilrymont Road was closing and that this would free up an area in Kilrymont building for lockers. Perhaps the Anniversary Fund may be used for some of the money towards lockers? He also advised that the canteen staff would be supplying more nutritional snacks.

Licensing of Vans Board to write to Licensing Department at Cupar prior to renewal. Also to write to police regarding changing regulations. ‘Buses Only’ and to have yellow lines installed.

Blackfriars Lights Cnllr Sangster advised that L Hughes Locality manager of Fife Council might be able to help in this. The Trust felt that the power comes from the school grounds and that it should be a Fife Council matter. Peter Milne of Fife Council looking into costing.

The Chair advised that the project that was carried out by St Andrews’s University Department of Management Students re ‘Scenarios on the future of Education in East Fife’ was presented by himself to Head of Education of Fife Council, Roger Stewart, and was supported by 3 Councillors including Tim Brett. It was received very well – some of the points taken on board and others added. The outcome:
1. Promise of more constructive dialogue from now on.
2. Though they recognise the problems they feel there are more problems elsewhere in West and Central of Fife.
Dougie Miller has done a number of articles – Fri/Sat/Mon including leader on Saturday – we are now in a position of waiting to see how our reports comes into the political machinery. Falling rolls in the next ten years are also a factor.

D Macgregor advised the Board that there was a feedback meeting on 20th May 2004 regarding the local plan/transport plan.

Report from Groups:

Group A: New School/Transport – Dr Falconer; Over the past couple of years we have gathered a lot of data re split site schools etc. What to do now? Show clear opinion from School Board. Statutory obligation to work with parents/ staff/community. Children Services Meeting 09/06/04 Cllr Liston will try to get this on Agenda. Discuss among school board members preferred solution Kilrymont Road site be refurbished as a smaller school and S/Street be sold. K/Rd 2020 – build new school first then sell. Fife Council is looking at optimum size of schools 8-1200 as a size of a secondary.

Group B: Facilities – C Palmer S Purves will gather information re questions raised in the letter about Kilrymont toilets (see attached) and Mr Palmer will reply. Mr Matheson said that they were currently carrying out a review of the situation and that he was having meetings with Mrs Brown to work out a way forward. There is an advert going in the local press for a lavatory attendant, as funding was available.

C: Communication – D Macgregor – We need to continue to project the school image positively. The public is unclear what the school can and can’t do in regard to pupils’ behaviour, e.g. outside the grounds. How can the matter of unruly pupils on the street best be dealt with?
Mr Matheson said that he would be prepared to address the Community Council at some future date (first Monday of every month, 7 pm, Town Hall Council Chamber, open to public/press). Obviously we require to stress the good things about the school. Cllr Liston asked if school would be interested in sending a co-opted pupil to the Community Council meetings Mr Matheson said that we had a very successful whole school council and that he would see if any member of this would like to attend a Community Council Meeting. The School Council might decide to invite a member of the Community Council to their next meeting.

Group D: Health & Safety: three areas to explore!) Politics of health in schools. Tayside Health Board has come up with a good project – awarding school s that have a good health initiative. Encourage physical activities/ discourage smoking. ER to write to Fife to see if they have a similar scheme.
It would be helpful to know they date of the licensing board and also the situation regarding the double yellow lines. L A Liston will advise the Chair.
We also felt that alcohol is a major problem and that a project to bring this to light might be a good idea. We felt there was a need for a full-time school nurse who not only dealt with medical needs but also had a health promotional role within the school. If there was some extra money it could fund a project to encourage pupils re health.
Cllr Liston said that the issue of free school meals to all pupils was being raised in Scottish Parliament again.
Serious problems with smoking in toilets at Kilrymont Road. Pupils too scared to use the facility. Cllr Sangster suggested that smoke alarms be fitted inn the toilets.

The Chair said that the Board would take on a new life between meetings with the development of the sub groups. We would be working out with meeting and be able to cover more issues as a board. He encouraged the board members to e-mail each other.

Correspondence: Letter from R Stewart Head of Education asking us to nominate a volunteer to join a working group – merits further discussion.

Mr Palmer advised the Board that tonight was the last meeting for Samantha Purves and Andrew Ayton our pupil representatives. He would like to thank them on behalf of the Board for their sterling contribution to the meeting and wished them well in their future careers.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, 24th June 2004 at 7pm in Staff Room at South Street.

Morag Wilson