Minutes 2002-11

Minutes of Meeting 20 Nov 2002

Meeting on Wednesday, 20th November 2002, at 7.00pm in the Staff Room, South Street Building.

Present: Mrs M Brown, Mrs C Dunn, Mrs I Falconer, Mr J Flegg, Mr C Jessop,

Prof P McKiernan (Chair), Mr C Palmer, Mrs S Thomson, Mrs M Wilson (Clerk)

In Attendance: Mr L S G Matheson, Rector, Councillor John Bell

Apologies: Mr A Liggat, Dr E Atkins, Councillor J A Liston, Mr D Macgregor

Minutes of previous meeting (30/10/020 accepted as read.

Matters arising from previous meeting: Headon Development Meeting- attended by Professor McKiernan and Mr Matheson. Professor McKiernan advised the Board that the meeting had been attended by 30/35 people including David Corner University of St Andrews Secretary. It was stressed at the meeting that this was a long-term project out towards the west of the town. Though had been given to a school, a shopping mall, public buildings etc. There had been a model of the plans and a map showing the proposed site. Dr Falconer asked if perhaps the maps could be scanned and put on the Madras website?

Forum: The Chair felt it would be a good idea after the next Forum to bring all interested parties together in the spring.

Correspondence: Letter from Fife Council advising that the new Head of Education Mr Roger Stewart would be starting in January 2003. Mr A Mackay leaves in December. Invitation from the School Board to Mr Stewart?

Letter from the Locality Manager, Fife Council, re consultation meeting on 3rd December 2002 at Burgh Chambers 7-9pm. Councillor Bell recommended these meetings strongly as they dealt with road safety – transport services etc.

Fife Council Education Service – A Strategy for School Inclusion in Fife Consultation: John Flegg to collate responses from Board Members and Clerk to type and send to D Mackenzie, Acting Senior Manager Support for Learning, Education Service.

AOCB: Mr Matheson read Mr MacKay’s press statement regarding the situation following the incident at Madras Kilrymont Road swimming pool yesterday afternoon. The Chair had spoken to Cllr Helen Law, Cllr Drew Edwards, Cllr Jane Ann Liston. He had also taken calls from the Courier/Evening Telegraph saying that ‘ it was dangerous to lay blame for this incident while enquiries were being carried out’.

Councillor Bell asked ‘What does Madras School Board want for the school?’ The Chair replied that they wished to stimulate interest in a number of options – the building of two schools or the building of one large school. The Chair said that the ‘status quo’ was not an option. Councillor Bell said that Councillors in East Fife were very much in favour of a new school and that they would discuss any proposals the Board might have – they wished to be part of the consultation.

Mr Matheson said that there were no contingency arrangements – at present the PE department were using the Cosmos Centre on a regular basis due to lack of space and that we would have to consider hiring the University playing fields and other local facilities. . There were 6 class-teaching areas out of use in K/Road and 2 in South Street. He said that he and the staff were sympathetic and supportive of their Community Use Colleagues, Mr Herd, Head of Centre and his staff and Mr David Somerville Head of Community Services.

Mr Palmer asked Mr Matheson if there was any follow-up after his meeting with Mr MacKay. Mr Matheson said that they had had an interesting exchange of views but he awaited any clear outcome.

Mrs Thomson asked if the Students’ Scenario of Education in East Fife Schools was completed. Dr Falconer advised no. Mrs Thomson would like a copy of the information when published.

Mrs Brown brought the Board’s attention to the problem of parking in South Street and the accessibility of the back car park at South Street. You couldn’t park on the grass and this was not allowed due to Health & Safety. The Council Bin lorry parks in the entranceway and staff have to wait up to 15mins for them to move while a class is waiting at the other building.

Mr Matheson said that he had asked for a costing to remove the remaining grass at the back of the school and tar it to allow cars to part. The cost in the region of £30,000.

The Chair asked if it would help to write to the Cleansing Department or Roads and request that double yellow lines be painted?

Mrs Dunn said that she would like to state how well the situation regarding the swimming pool had been handled by staff in school today. Her daughter had just been told that swimming had been cancelled and that they would be going into the hall to watch a video.

Mr Matheson advised the Board that Chief Executive Douglas Sinclair had visited the school about lunchtime and was shocked at the lack of space. He spoke to a number of pupils and staff. He said a single site would be better – no travelling between buildings. He visited K/Rd PE block and was horrified at the lack of games/changing /shower facilities for the number of pupils. Mr Matheson stated that this was not a sustainable situation and all that staff needed to know what the plan is for the future.

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting by thanking all the Board for their attendance on what had been a sad day for us all. He said that we must use the opportunity to accelerate the process of change.

Peter McKiernan, Chairman
Wednesday, 5th February 2003
South Street Staff Room
At 7pm