Minutes 2002-06

Minutes 27 June 2002

Meeting on Thursday, 27th June 2002 in the Meeting Room, Kilrymont Road Building

Present: Ms Atkins, Dr Falconer, Mr Macgregor, Prof McKiernan, (Chair), Mr Palmer, Mrs Rogerson, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Wilson (Clerk),

In Attendance: Mr L SG Matheson

1. Apologies: Mrs Brown, Mr Jessop and Mrs Dunn

2. Minutes to be held over until next meeting.

Item 2 “Staff Development” line 5-second word should be “Fife” and not “Fie”.

Item 4 matters arising from previous minutes – The paragraph beginning “Staff Travelling Expenses” should read as follows “A letter has been sent to Mr MacKay on 15th May regarding this, to date we have had no reply. Clerk to send letter requesting reply”.

Item 4 Matters arising from previous minutes the paragraph beginning “The Forum” should read as follows “Meeting of sub-group (Mrs Rogerson, Mr Macgregor, Mr Matheson and Dr Falconer), Clerk apologised to Mrs Thomson for not advising her of the date of the meeting. The sub-group compiled a letter to Councillor Law which was sent by e-mail on 2nd May 2002. To date no reply has been received. Clerk has tried to contact Councillor Law by phone leaving a message but no response.”

3. Matters arising from previous meeting

Publicity for School/ School Board/PTA: The Rector advised that Donald Macgregor liaise with Mr Mackay, (Assistant Rector) and would place notices re future School Board meetings and issues the Board were currently discussing.

Forum Second mini forum arranged for 12th September in Madras College, South Street.

National Debate on Education: the Chair asked if Board members would complete the form giving their own opinions and that he would collate them and send them off. The forms had to be with the Chair by 4th July. Chair/Clerk to write to the new co-opted members and enclose a feedback form.

School Board Budget Statements: It was noted that the per capita allocation for Continuing Professional Development for teachers had been reduced. The Board wished their concern to be noted and the Chair would include this in his letter to Mr McKay.

Report form Rector on school finances to be given at next meeting.

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting by asking the Rector to convey the Boards thanks to the teaching staff for all they had done this year, and wishing everyone a good holiday.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm