Problems, Complaints, or Compliments?

The Rector encourages pupils and parents to help keep open lines of communication with the School.

If there are aspects of a pupil’s education or care that result in you wishing to commend the School or a member of staff, please communicate this to the School Office.

If a pupil has been the subject of bullying, they or their parent/carer should report this to the School Guidance staff as soon as possible.

If parents or carers wish to discuss an aspect of their young person’s schooling this is normally initially done through a conversation with one of the Guidance team. This can be arranged by an email or telephone call to the School office. The Rector’s expectation is that such calls will normally be responded to within two working days.

The Parent Council is aware of a great deal of excellent work carried out by staff at the School. On occasion, however, parents or carers may be aware of an issue that concerns them, which may relate to issues in or out of class, communication difficulties, etc. The Rector is keen that in such instances he is alerted to the problem as soon as possible and with full details.

If pupils find problems with the fabric of the School they are requested to report this to the janitor’s office or the School office.

The Parent Council funded the purchase of “Parent Mail” for the School, which is an email communication system from the School to parents and carers. The majority of pupils have a parent or carer registered to receive such communications. Any parent or carer who is not registered and who wishes to be so should contact the School Office please.