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Minutes 2007-09

First Meeting of the Parent Forum and Council  12 Sep 2007

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 the Rector chaired a meeting of the Madras College Parent Forum.  he outlined how schools were moving to the new Parent Forums and Councils under recent legislation.  The meeting approved a constitution with some small amendments to the tabled draft.  Up to 30 parents can be on the Council, with the possibility of co-opting other members.

The first meeting of the new Parent Council will be in the Kilrymont Road building on 3 October at 7.30 pm.  This meeting, in common with most other meetings of the Parent Council is a public meeting, and all parents will be welcome to attend.

The Rector reported that Historic Scotland has recently classified the Kilrymont Road School buildings as Grade B listed buildings.  This brought gasps of astonishment from many at the meeting.

There were not as yet any obvious developments from Fife Council in the push for ending the split-site Madras College.  We hope that the new administration will soon move to progress this.

Final Meeting of the School Board  24 April 2007

Minutes to come.
Major items included

  • Welcome to the incoming rector, and thanks to the current rector
  • Thanks to pupil members and to councillors
  • Note of celebrations of the Kiel Exchange 50th anniversary
  • Discussions on merging the PTA and Board into the required new body.  Information out to parents soon.  Meeting of PTA and Board hopefully in early June.
  • Meeting organised by the Board at which local Council candidates have been invited to speak.  They are asked to speak for 5 to 10 minutes on “The practical and financial solutions to the ‘unsatisfactory’ state of the learning environment at Madras College“.  This will be followed by a question and answer session.  All parents invited.  Kilrymont School Hall 7.30 pm May 1st.

Parent Council & Parent Forum

The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 received Royal Assent on the 14th June 2006 and comes into force in August 2007. The main provisions of this Act are:

  • To make further provision for the involvement of parents in their children’s education and in school education in general;
  • To provide for the establishment of councils to represent the parents of pupils attending public schools;
  • To abolish School Boards;
  • To make further provision as regards the appointment of teachers;
  • To make further provision as regards the content of the development plan for a school;
  • Undertake any other connected business.

Every parent / guardian of a child who attends Madras College is automatically a member of the ‘Parent Forum’. Members have a right to have a say in selecting the ‘Parent Council’ who will work on behalf of all parents at Madras College.

The ‘Parent Council’ represents the ‘Parent Forum’. It will:

  • Raise issues and views on their behalf;
  • Support the school in the work with pupils;
  • Encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre and post school groups, business community and the wider community;
  • Report back to the ‘Parent Forum’.

A working group of parents, who currently represent the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the School Board, met to look at the process of setting up the Parent Council for Madras College.

Parents were invited to the first meeting of the Parents’ Forum to be held in the Kilrymont Campus at 7pm on Wednesday 12th September 2007.

The following proposals were discussed at the meeting. It is suggested that:-

  • The ‘Parent Council’ will be called the ‘Madras College Parent Council’;
  • A maximum of 20 parents will form the core ‘Parent Council;
  • Two parents will be elected to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the ‘Madras College Parent Council’;
  • Advertisements will be published of when and where meetings of the ‘Madras College Parent Council’ will take place;
  • ‘Madras College Parent Council’ will continue to meet on an evening to ensure the maximum number of attendees;
  • Each meeting will still remain open to public scrutiny. It is essential that all processes are transparent and accountable.

There is a Draft Constitution. Copies will be distributed and discussed at the meeting.

Fife Council Education Services are aware of the proposals and the current Rector of Madras College, the Parent Teacher Association and the School Board have approved a form of this note for distribution to parents in a letter.

Should any parent wish to be considered for a position as a parent member on the ‘Madras College Parent Council’, yet are unable to attend the meeting, please contact the Rector.

If you would like to find out more about ‘Parent Councils’, ‘Parent Forums’ and ‘Parental Involvement’, please look at the following website; –

alternatively, write to or telephone Fife Council Education Services, Rothesay House, Rothesay Place, Glenrothes (01592-583372) and request information leaflets on the above topics.

This text is based on a letter to parents of Madras from

  • Rector: Mr. I. Jones
  • PTA Chairperson: Mrs K. Pitman
  • School Board Chairperson: Mr P. McKiernan

About the School Board

The School Board is an advisory body, made up largely of parent and staff members. Its functions and responsibilities are laid down by the Scottish Executive. It holds meetings, usually twice a term, which all are welcome to attend as observers.  In the summer of 2007 it is being replaced by the School’s Parent Council, as noted above.

The recent Banks Report found that School Boards play a significant part in improving schools’ interaction with parents, but that this role could be further enhanced. Among other things it concludes that:

  • expectations of the contributions which boards can make should be raised
  • communication should be improved between boards and the wider parent body
  • boards have a role to play in the reform and improvement of Scottish schools

The full text of the Banks Report is available on the Scottish Executive website.
Statistics on school boards are also available.

Minutes 2005-05

Minutes of Meeting 18 May 2005

Meeting on 18 May 2005 at 7pm Staff room South Street Building

1. Apologies and welcomes. Apologies were received from Councillors Liston, Black and Sangster, Dr Rogerson, Nony Mordi and Alistair Nisbet. Professor McKiernan welcomed board members to the last formal meeting of the session: Mrs Marriage, Mr McGregor, Mrs Dunn, Mr Flegg, Dr Falconer, Mrs Thomson, Mr Murray and Mr Matheson.

2. Minute of meeting of 10th March. Acceptance of the minute of the March meeting was proposed by HM, seconded by JF

3. Matters arising.
i. CD raised the arrangements for a joint social meeting with the PTA and was deputed to continue discussions with Mrs Pitman (PTA chair) to find a suitable date, Tuesday 31st May being suggested as one possibility.
ii. JF gave a resume of his involvement with the Continental Day Steering Group: ideas are being explored; a consultant may soon be appointed; consultation with main interests will be a priority; no immediate impact is anticipated until the feasibility phase has been completed; strong interest starting to grow for the idea. JF will produce a summary paper for the next Board meeting.
iii. A Board stall will be manned at forthcoming Parents’ Evenings, the purpose of which is to invite interest and questions from parents, to give information, to relay issues back to the Board. LM will ensure that a stall and chair is available for the evenings concerned.
iv. PMcK confirmed that he had written to the Scottish Executive with members’ views on the future of School Boards, as discussed in March.

4. Correspondence.
i. Expenses claim forms had been received by the clerk; members should ask him for copies as required.
ii. A letter from the president of the junior rugby group (Madrascals) using Station Park was considered. It strongly recommended the extension of speed restrictions well to the west of the entrance to our playing fields. The Chair will write to Fife Council in support of this submission, citing our previous letter on similar lines sent to the Council in 2002.

5. School Bullying Policy. There was considerable discussion about the sensitive issue of bullying. LM explained how difficult it sometimes was to convince parents that appropriate action had been taken in particular cases. The Data Protection legislation caused particular problems in this regard, which members recognised. It was requested by CD that the existing anti-bullying policy should be placed on the school website, that the Board might want to assist by newsletter or other means in explaining some of the sensitivities, and that future revisions of the policy might have the input of the Board. LM welcomed each of these points, and will discuss possible action with senior colleagues before reporting back to the Board.

6. Estates Strategy. Announcements were expected following the Children’s services meeting of 19th May. PMcK and others noted their delight in the key recommendation that Madras College should be located on one site. This alone was vindication of the five years of Board effort, discussion and consultation. DMcG commended the Chair on his reported comments in the “Courier” article of 18th May. Various ideas were mooted including: the possible connection between housing developments and catchment reviews/building plans for new schools; other options than Kilrymont for a single-site Madras; the sequence of committee proposals, principally the relocation and redesign of Kilrymont Road prior to the decision about a possible Bridgehead secondary; the parental absence of sentiment about the possible loss of the historic South Street site. LM will seek copies of the committee discussions taking place on 19th May and circulate these to members.

7. Transport issues. LM noted possible action by the Council on the creation of a turing circle for buses at Kilrymont. This would ease congestion in the town and speed the departure of some buses.

8. Healthy eating in schools. LM noted that councillors are due to visit Madras as part of a region-wide sampling of what is currently on offer in school canteens.

9. Lockers. PMcK reminded colleagues that we had donated £600 to support the Locker Fund.

10. Albanian Orphanage. PMcK proposed that we donate £200 from funds to support the costs of taking basic school equipment to Albania, where one Madras teacher is currently working in an orphanage while she is on sabbatical leave. Another colleague, also on sabbatical, was proposing to drive a lorry-load of goods to support the schooling needs of this group. Accepted unanimously.

11. Kiel Exchange. DMcG outlined the historic Kiel-Madras exchange. In 2007 the 50th anniversary of the first German exchange group’s visit would take place. He proposed that the Board might wish to support any celebrations of this event and the good public publicity that would inevitably arise. This was supported and noted by LM as a possible event to be discussed within the school for occasion.

12. Posters on sensitive issues. CD commended the school for its advertisement within the school of certain issues such as “self harm”, and asked how this was normally handled. LM explained the way many delicate issues were brought to pupils’ and teachers’ attention, usually with the object of informing those who might be affected of how they could make confidential contact with someone able to help.

13. Staffing Plan. IF asked for a progress report on the plan. LM outlined the changes made thus far, the reason for a slight delay (uncertainty about the future school size and location), and plans for possible new posts in the near future (once the strategic picture becomes clear).

14. Supply staff. GM alerted colleagues to current problems in covering the long-term absence of some colleagues, principally the expensive gap being funded by school budget between the first week of absence and the fifth (since only after four weeks – 20 working days) did the regional cover budget start to pick up the costs. PMcK agreed to write to the Head of Education to express concerns about this heavy penalty being met by school budgets.

15. Mr Donald McGregor. This being Donald’s final official Board meeting Professor McKiernan expressed the sincere thanks and best wishes of colleagues to someone he described as “a tower of strength” during his years of service to the Board. He particularly commended him for his efforts to give a positive image of the school and the Board, and for his Working Group input during crucial stages in the development of strategies for consultation and action.

16. Date of next meeting. The date for the first meeting of the new session was proposed as Wednesday 14th September, 2005.

Temp Clerk
19 May 2005

Minutes 2005-03

Minutes of Meeting 10 March 2005

Meeting on 10 March 2005 at 7pm Staff room South Street Building

1. Present: P McKiernan (Chair), J Flegg, Cllr W Sangster, C Dunn, S Thomson, H Marriage, Cllr E Gunstone. Cllr J-A Liston, A Nisbet, I Falconer, G Murray, L Matheson. Apologies: D McGregor and N Mordi.

2. New member. The Chair welcomed new staff member, Graeme Murray (Acting PT of Art and Design). He also noted with regret the resignation of Mr Clive Palmer, whose other commitments on Thursdays rendered his further involvement impractical. He will write a letter expressing the thanks and good wishes of the Board to Clive.

3. Minute of meeting of 3rd February, ’05. The minute was approved after a correction under Item 4 concerning the Street Trader’s licence restrictions. Adoption was proposed by C Dunn seconded by I Falconer.

4. Matters arising. Item 3: C Dunn will liaise with K Pitman of the PTA with regard to a joint meeting. Item 10: I Falconer was assured by the rector that past papers should be available on loan to pupils in all subjects. Item 14: J Flegg would represent the Board on the forthcoming Continental Day Steering Committtee, and H Marriage would deputise if required

5. Correspondence. Various items were circulated for members’ interest.

6. Position of Clerk. Katy’s letter of resignation was read. The rector explained that she had left school. The Chair asked that she be thanked and wished well in her career.

7. Future of School Boards. A general exchange of views took place on the draft proposals of the Scottish Executive that Boards be made less formal. On balance the Board was of the view that advantages currently outweighed disadvantages, that communication by the Boards could certainly improve, that elections could be much less formal, but that as a forum offering strong input to school, council and national debate, we still had an important role to play. The Chair will write in these terms to the Executive. H Marriage will write a paragraph for the Easter Newsletter outlining the activities of the Board. A stall will be manned at forthcoming parents’ meetings (S1 on Monday 30th May and S3 on Tuesday 7th June).

8. Estates Strategy. Various rumours about how the Strategy would affect Madras had been heard, and some of these were shared. We have to wait until the meeting of the Children’s Services Committee in May to learn of the outcome for this school. An important issue was the one raised by W Sangster concerning the timescale for any changes. Meantime it was agreed that we keep up the pressure to achieve a solution to the school that does not involve the problematic split-site.

9. School Buses. It was agreed that the introduction of single-decker coaches was a considerable benefit to order and safety. The Board should take some credit for its campaigning in this aspect. A new bus-bay was urgently needed. The present arrangement at Kilrymont was not satisfactory at all. There was now a good chance that a proper bus-bay will be constructed. The promised “clearway” in the existing bay is still awaited. Senior pupils often report concerns to staff that they have noticed on particular buses. This works better than the identification of seniors as bus prefects.

10. School closure. The rector explained the circumstances of the recent (1st March) closure. Buses were unavailable and many staff could not get to school. An early decision had been made. The communication system had shown up some flaws, which had been noted and passed to the Council.

11. Accessibility. J Flegg raised the issue of accessibility to the buildings. The rector replied that a lift was being planned this year for installation by October. There did not appear to be any prospect of a lift in South Street, however.

12. Activities. J Flegg also asked how we coped with those pupils who were disappointed in not being chosen for their preferred 3-Day activity. LM will raise this with the organising staff, but pointed out that we depended totally on staff volunteering to offer activities, and some pupils were bound to be disappointed. A similar disappointment could be felt by those who wished to go on the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, but for whom there were insufficient places. On the issue of risk the rector replied that all activities were covered by risk assessments and that we were very keen as a school not to reduce our range of activities through fear of litigation.

13. Car parking. S Thomson noted that learner drivers used the car park as a starting point, occasionally causing inconvenience to hard-pressed teachers travelling between the buildings. The rector agreed to speak to the tutors.

14. UCAS rejection. C Dunn noted the deep trauma felt by some pupils experiencing rejection by HE institutions. I Falconer raised a query about how Guidance staff tracked those who had experienced disappointment.

15. Lockers. The first 200 lockers for Kilrymont have been ordered.

16. Date of next meeting. Thursday 12th May, ’05. Agenda items (via Temp Clerk meantime) by 5th May.

Temp Clerk
15 March 2005