Bullying, Cyberbullying & Cybersafety

Reporting Bullying Incidents

We note the Rector’s advice from a Parent Council meeting that pupils should report any bullying  problems as soon as possible to staff in the Guidance Base, Pupil Services, or their Registration teacher.

Parents may wish to know that the School’s contact details are:

The Rector advises that the School will not normally call in the police in the case of a violent incident at School, but would alert the parents of a victim to an alleged attack. It is then up to the parents to contact the police if they wish to do so. The phone number for the police is 101.

School Policy on Bullying

The School produced a new policy in this area in 2009 following wide consultation:

The School comments that “all of us have a responsibility to ensure that we do not abuse or bully others”.  It notes that “parents and school staff, support agencies and other appropriate adults have a duty to respond to the needs of young people who experience the difficulties that bullying within the school community causes.”

Technology-based bullying

We note also information from a recent conference on “Working together to refresh our anti-bullying policy”.  Two members of the Parent Council attended this meeting, which involved the Antibullying network.  Amongst many other useful items, this document suggested that we:

  • “make sure that young people for whom you are responsible know thatsending abusive or threatening messages is against the law”.

It is worth us all remembering that some of the things we may say about another person in a private conversation between two people may be deeply hurtful if read by that person on a web page.

The document also gave information on useful resources, including:

  • Chat danger – a website all about the potential dangers of online services like chat, instant messaging, email and mobiles.
  • Stop text bully – resources on this website include a Top 10 tips poster for young people anda school resource pack “Putting U in the Picture”.
  • Childnet – plenty of advice and teachers’ resources.  Look forthe “Prank or Pain” link through their “Know it All” project link.
  • Internet Watch Foundation – support website with information on filtering, protection, and an area to report illegal content.
  • Kidsmart – part of the Childnet stable of websites, dealing with internet safety programmes for schools, young people, and parents.

If you feel you are being bullied through your mobile phone, you can seek help from your phone network provider via the numbers below:

  • Orange – 07973 100 150 or 150 from an Orange phone
  • Vodaphone – 08700 700 11, or 191 from a Vodaphone phone
  • O2 – 08705 678 678, or 4445 from an O2 phone
  • Virgin Mobile – 0845 6000 070, or 789 from a Virgin mobile
  • 3 Network – 08707 330 333, or 333 from a 3 Network phone
  • T-mobile – 0845 412 5000

If you are experiencing cyber-bullying through your landline, the numbers below may be useful:

  • British Telecom Nuisance Call Adviser – freephone 0800 661 441
  • NTL – 0845 454 000
  • Telewest – 0845 142 0220

One of the School’s community police officers recommends the following website on this area: