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Langlands site for the New Madras Ruled Out  30 August 2011

On the 29 August parents learnt from the Rector that the Langlands site for the New Madras was no longer a possibility.  The intention is that Fife Council will now look at where else the New Madras may be built.  A leading contender may be the Kilrymont Road site.  Parents are to be invited to a meeting on 7 September to discuss the way forward.


St Andrews Citizen Comments on New Madras Negotiations – 29 April 2011

The local paper comments that Fife Council has agreed in principle aspects of the proposed new school, and that negotiations with the University of St Andrews continue.

News item on Fife Today website


Ongoing Council – University Negotiations are Welcomed  –  15 April 2011

John Barnett, Chairman of Madras College Parent Council, has welcomed the news that negotiations between the Council and the University on a new school building at the North Haugh are progressing.

He said, “Whilst parents are understandably a little disappointed that final agreement between the parties has not been achieved at this week’s meeting, I am pleased that detailed discussions on a final settlement are continuing with a view to reconciling the outstanding issues within a short timetable.”

“Everyone understands that in order to fulfil the expectation of a spring 2014 opening date for the new Madras College, agreement between the parties on the co-located site is the critical first step prior to the subsequent stages of detailed design, planning, approval and eventual completion of the project.”

“I have always recognised that negotiations on such a significant collaborative project would not be simple, and we have been patient in our understanding of the difficulties faced by the parties. This whole process has produced a considerable momentum and expectation that a successful outcome will ultimately be produced. Today, in view of the evident goodwill demonstrated by the University and the Council to deliver on this important initiative of value to all the people of St Andrews and the surrounding community, I remain optimistic that we will see a positive outcome before too long.”


Parents and Public Urged to Demonstrate Support for New School – 18.12.10

With only a few days left for responding to the consultation on the proposed new school, John Barnett, Chairman of the Madras College Parent Council, has urged parents and the general public to make their views known to Fife Council. He said “We have been very encouraged by the level of support for the proposed new single-site Madras College building. But in order to maintain the momentum, we must demonstrate the overwhelming determination of the community to ensure that this project is started and delivered on time.”

He added “The best way to do that right now is to support the proposals through the current Fife Council consultation process which officially ends on 22 December. I know that this is a busy time for most families but I would urge all those who have not yet submitted their comments to do so within the deadline so that we can show the high level of popular support for this proposal. This can be done by completing a form available at council offices and at school offices or online at”


November Press Release re Consulation on New School – 27.11.12

“There is strong support among parents, pupils and the general public for a new Madras College building at the proposed Langlands site in St Andrews,” said John Barnett, chairman of the Parent Council after visiting the consultation sessions in Newport and St Andrews.

“It was clear from the responses among the people I met from the Tay Bridgehead area and St Andrews that an overwhelming majority support the educational case and are keen to see the project progress.  As well as seeing the benefit of a new, purpose-built single-site school building, there is excitement about the prospect of developing closer educational links with the University of St Andrews.”

Mr Barnett added, “It is vital that everyone voices an opinion in order that Fife Council hears the feelings of the whole community on this important issue, and I would urge anyone who has yet to comment to complete the consultation form available at local school and council offices or online at .”

The public consultation period continues until 22 December.


November Update – 12.11.10

The School’s new website is now operational and well worth a look.

The New Madras plans look exciting, as detailed elsewhere on this site.  A planning consultation exercise is now in progress.

The Parent Council has written to the Director of Education expressing its concern over the state of the pupils’ toilets at the Kilrymont Road site.

The Director of Education has written to all Parent Council’s advising them that the planned consulations about “Managing the Education Budget” have now been postponed to the New Year as he does not yet have information to share with us at this time.


The New Madras – 16.1.10

There have been major developments along the road to a New Madras College single-site building.  Please see our “New Madras” page for details.


AGM – 20.9.09

Around 60 people attended the AGM.  The retiring chair and treasurer were thanked for their work.  Zoe Smith was elected as the new Chair.  The retiring Chair gave a presentation using these slides.  A vote was taken to determine people’s preference for the New Madras between a refurbishment and extension of the Kilrymont site building and a new build school on a site on the west of St Andrews, and every vote that was cast was for the new build on the western site.

New Madras – 2.9.09

The discussions and concerns about the New Madras continue, including reports in the local press.  The outgoing chair of the Parent Council has a letter for all parents and carers about the AGM and the New Madras decision process.  Please also see updates on our New Madras web page.

New Madras – 7.5.09

Fife Council is consulting with various bodies about the options for the New Madras.  Andy Primmer is our representative on the local stakeholder group.  Andy is happy to hear from parents and carers about their views on the new school.  Our New Madras web page.


First Newsletter – 20.5.08

The Parent Council has used ParentMail to deliver its first newsletter.


Survey of Parents – 20.5.08

There is considerable evidence to show that Madras is a very good school.  However, that does not necessarily mean that there is no room for improvement.  The  Parent Council would like to know the views of parents of Madras pupils.  Please fill in our survey which was sent by ParentMail and is also available here, and return to the Chair of the Parent Council, Henry Paul, via the School office.


Progress at Fife Council on Planning for Single-Site Madras College – 11.4.08

Statement from the Chair of Madras College Parent Council after the 10 April meeting of the Education and Children’s Services Committee of Fife Council:-

Madras College PC appreciates the fact that all members of the Education & Children’s Services Committee agreed the urgent need to address the issue of the school’s “unsatisfactory” split-site. We hope that Cllr Chapman acts promptly in producing his paper in June 2008, outlining the means by which a new single site Madras will be delivered. The chief concern for parents is when a new school will be available for our children, as the problem is an urgent one.

There are many positive elements to Madras, with good examination results achieved by pupils, but now staff have been asked to make additional savings to the school’s budget over the next three years, without a clear indication of when a new school will be delivered. The new hospital is eventually taking shape on the edge of St.Andrews, and building a school need not be a protracted process. Delays will be in the planning process, particularly as the site of a new school will almost certainly be linked to the local plan and new housing. We need our councillors to stop making vague promises and to commit, with a sense of urgency, to delivering a new school by the next local elections in three years’ time.


Fife Council Discussions on School Investment
At their  meeting on 10 April it seems that Fife Council’s relevant committee will be considering a report entitled
Education Service  –  School Estate Management Plan –  2008-2011
In this report it seems that Madras is identified as one of seven priority investment needs (section 6.3.2), but the provision of a single-site school here does not seem to feature in their delivery plan for the next three years (section 8.4.5).  [But see better news above.]


HMIe Follow-Up Report – 25.3.08
The HMIe has published its report following its return visit in December 2008.
HMIe Follow-Up report
Comment on the report from the Chair of the Parent Council


Bullying – 1.12.07
At its first meeting today, the working group on policy and communications considered a number of things.  Part of the discussion looked at issues associated with violent and bullying behaviour, including cyber-bullying.  Link to new page on bullying issues.


Parent Council forms Working Groups  –  17.11.07 
At its November meeting the  Parent Council decided to have three groups looking at:-

  1. Events and fund raising
  2. Infrastructure (including the proposed new single-site School)
  3. Policy and Community relations

Each group will report back to a meeting of the Parent Council.  It is the full Parent Council that makes any decisions, informed by the discussions in the working groups.  The three working groups are led by the the Treasurer, Chair, and Vice-Chair respectively.

School Report on Standards and Quality – 17.11.07

The Rector provided members of the Parent Council with the annual report on Standards and Quality, and has asked that it be posted on the Parent Council website so that all parents may view it.

Co-opted Members on the Parent Council – 17.11.07

The Parent Council is pleased to welcome into its membership people with particular skills, responsibilities, and representation.  These include three of the councillors for the catchment area of the School, teachers, school pupils, and the leader of the Madras Community Use programme.

School Calendar online – 10.11.07

The Parent Council is working with the School to provide a calendar of some of the events that are important in the life of the School and the Parent Council.



Selected Citizen Reports

Selected Citizen Articles (external links)


The Parent Council is determining how it runs its business and which are the strongest priorities to take forward. Issues under discussion include:-

  • the best use and renovation of the current buildings for the current pupils
  • the reaction of Fife Council to the HMIE report on the “unsatisfactory” accommodation with regard to the split-site nature of the School
  • encouraging partnership amongst parents, pupils, and the School
  • support of, and consultation with, the School across a range of activities
  • fund-raising to provide additional facilities and opportunities for pupils
  • social events at which parents can meet with each other and teachers
  • talks and workshops on current issues, for example cyber-bullying